Greetings from the Baylor Project

by Jean and Marcus Baylor –

We are Jean and Marcus Baylor and we are supremely excited about our debut Performance at Moers Festival this May! We were introduced to Moers through the Winter Jazz Festival in NYC this past January while performing for a fiery, packed house of fans and musicians on the Revive Music Stage at the historic club, The Bitter End, on Bleecker Street.

The Baylor Project is comprised of five musicians – vocals, drums, piano, upright bass, and tenor/soprano sax. With our sound, we combine swinging jazz with the energetic, hand-clapping, feel-good backdrop that characterizes the African-American church experience. Our spicy blend of blues, soul, and music inspires! Growing up in church as pastors’ kids (PK’s) has been a big influence on both of us. But we also have a voracious musical hunger which draws us to different styles of music, some of which you will hear at Moers on May 23th.

Jean: I grew up in New Jersey, near Philadelphia, singing in church, with my first musical influence being, primarily, hymns. This gave me a solid, melodic approach to Music. During that time, the Philly music scene introduced the world to a new thread of R&B by way of the infamous “Philadelphia International” Record Label. This, and all R&B, was a significant musical influence on me, as was the emergence of hip hop in the ‘80s and great pop music in the ‘90s. But, it wasn’t until college, when I attended Temple University, (on a Lacrosse scholarship, nonetheless), that I was introduced to jazz music. I decided to become a Jazz Vocal major and fell in love with the music. I love the freedom and endless possibility within jazz.

Marcus: I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, a place that historically breeds great jazz musicians and delicious barbeque! I didn’t grow up playing jazz music, but rather gospel, in a spirited Pentecostal church. As I developed, I gravitated toward various styles of music that connected to my soul. I received a scholarship to study at The New School for Contemporary and Jazz Music in New York City. I was blessed to meet some of the greatest musicians in the world and build important friendships. These relationships have been life-changing for me, and have opened doors to travel the world. I even met Jean, my wife, through the recommendation of a mutual friend who is also a great musician. I view the world as a huge music scene full of endless possibilities and great culture!

See you there!

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