Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld „The rest of us“

Here’s the brandnew (official) video to Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld’s brandnew album „Never were the way she was“ which was released today on „Constellation“, an independent label based in Montreal.(

Colin and Sarah will perform at moers festival on Friday, May 22nd.

Director Dan Huiting is an Emmy-winning Cinematographer that specializes in music video and documentary work, as well as motion-controlled time lapses. He is the senior producer of „City of Music“ on Pitchfork. He lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dan is a very talented friend of Colin and Sarah who has directed several videos for Colin, and much with Bon Iver. Both musicians did intentionally want to work with him for this project. His idea was to show vastly different individuals performing their daily rituals in their natural settings.

Director/cinematographer: Dan Huiting
Additional photography: Andre Durand
Edited by: Lauren Josephine
Desert woman: Heather Byington
Drag Queen: Nina DiAngelo
Hunters: Brent Faymoville and Bjorn Carlson
Special thanks: Jim Brenk

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